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Burly Skidz Quality

Why Burly Skidz?


SKIDZ’S Vision was to create a company that could provide Gummy and Capsule Vitamin Supplements with the highest quality and finest of premium ingredients. All are made in GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices ) Certified Facilities. Every batch we test for Micros and potency. All of our raw materials are tested for Potency and Micro Nutrients before manufacturing and then again after to guarantee label claims and cleanliness. Customers can request our COAs (Certificates of Analysis) . We can send you one with your order. All of our gummies except CBD are pectin based so they are far better in more extreme conditions and are vegetarian friendly.

Why Micro Nutrients? Why Burly skidz?
When we age our bodies may not absorb the proper amounts of nutrients from the food we eat. As our digestive system changes there is a reduction of the breakdown and absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients that result in the development of certain deficiencies, pains and diseases. Big nutrients or Macro Nutrients are Nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and fats which our bodies require and demand. MICRO NUTRIENTS – OR Little Nutrients include minerals and vitamins which are necessary cofactors in various vital processes . Certain nutrients work as anti-oxidants for example: Vitamins C and E , and some minerals like Selenium and flavonoids, which are found in plants. Anti-oxidants protect our bodies from destruction that caused by harmful molecules named free radicals. A deficiency in anti-oxidants decreases the ability of the immune system to fight certain medical conditions such as some cancers, eye conditions, some types of dementia and arthritis related conditions. Many of our products are rich in Anti-oxidants, flavonoids and Micro Nutrients.

* Due to mass production in the foods industry there has been a progressive attempt to Make everything bigger and harvestable faster, added chemicals to the soils make many foods now nutrient deficient. They do not provide enough anti-oxidants as they may have in decades past. Vitamins and Supplements in addition to a healthy diet are essential to your good health.